Tara Canyon

Cutting through the mountains at the northern edge of the national park, the Tara River shapes a gully that is 1300m profound at its pinnacle (the Grand Canyon plunges a minor 200m more profound). The best perspectives are from the water, and boating along the waterway is one of the nation’s most well known vacationer exercises. On the off chance that you’d preferably appreciate the ravine from a far distance, head to the highest point of Mt Ćurevac (1625m) – albeit even this view is confined by the gorge dividers. The perspective isn’t all around signposted and can be hard to discover. From focal Žabljak, take the street north and follow the signs stamped ‘All encompassing Road 2’. Leave this course at the fork to the privilege checked ‘Tepca’. In the end there are some little wooden signs highlighting Ćurevac or vidikovac (perspective). Stop at the lush parking space inverse the beverage slow down and climb up the little track behind.