Piva Monastery

Little Piva Monastery has an interesting history: initially developed somewhere in the range of 1573 and 1586, it was the main Serbian Orthodox religious community to be worked during the Ottoman occupation (the Grand Vizier was a relative of Piva’s organizer; associations have consistently been everything in Montenegro). It hulked by the Piva River until the late 1960s when plans for the Mratinje Dam constrained it to be moved – step by determined step, fresco part by fresco section – more than 12 years to its ebb and flow area close Gorankso town.

The Muslim Vizier was given the strange respect of highlighting in one of the congregation’s numerous wonderful frescoes with his head still joined to his body. Inside the congregation, note the inward entryway driving into the nave, which is delightfully decorated with stars, trees and geometric examples.