Mountain Orjen

The view from Orjen saddle. In the background is Zubački Kabao peak. Zubački Kabao is the highest elevation point of Orjen mountain at elevation of 1894 meters over the sea level.

Massive Mt Orjen (1893m) isolates Herceg Novi from Hercegovina and is higher than the more celebrated Mt Lovćen. It’s a famous spot for climbing and mountain biking (bring a lot of water). A climbing trail starts close to the bus stop at Herceg Novi (search for the red and white markings); heading towards Kotor, take the principal street to one side, followed rapidly by a correct turn. This is the beginning of the mammoth Coastal Mountain Traversal climbing way, which goes on to Lovćen, the shores of Lake Skadar, Mt Rumija and Bar.

There are more than 60km of checked tracks on the mountain. A moderately simple 16km full circle climb goes from Herceg Novi to the little Sv Ilija church; follow the coast to Igalo and take the signposted trail. For a half year of the year, there is snow on Mt Orjen; even on a mid year’s day you ought to be set up for a tempest. Planinarski Klub Subra, the neighborhood mountaineering club, works two cottages on the mountain and can organize guides.