Lipci Prehistoric Drawings

You’d never know it – because of a particular (and baffling) absence of publicity – yet 3km up the street from Morinj, a speedy climb will carry you to the Balkans’ most far reaching assortment of ancient drawings. Made in the eighth century BC, the drawings – which incorporate enchanted creature and sun images – have been to a great extent took off alone: there’s no signage bar a token road sign, no confirmation charge and no wall. In case you’re the Indiana Jones type, this current one’s for you.

To arrive, head up the little single-path street driving tough after the solitary Lipci street sign. Where the black-top closures, follow the bolt up a rough way (prop up past the cavern) until you arrive at a precipice face. Turn upward. See artworks. Initiate goosebumps.